Birmingham Airport opens new purpose-built airside passenger transit and transfer facility‏

Birmingham Airport has today announced the completion of a new purpose-built transit and transfer
facility, providing passengers with the UK’s fastest and most efficient option for onward connecting flights

The Airport has invested £200 million on airfield and terminal facilities in recent years, to attract more
long haul flights. The new facility means airlines now flying to the centre of the UK’s booming manufacturing
region can also benefit from connections from the other markets served by Birmingham’s network

Birmingham Airport’s CEO, Paul Kehoe said: "The completion of our new passenger transit facility is another
string to our bow in terms of what we can offer passengers and airlines focussed on long haul travel and
better connectivity. This valuable piece of infrastructure means long and short haul passengers now have the
choice of flying to and from a range of domestic and European destinations connecting through Birmingham,
allowing them extra time to relax and enjoy the excellent facilities we have available in the departure lounge"

The £1 million investment is the latest addition to Birmingham Airport’s impressive list of new infrastructure
projects, following completion of a new primary radar tower, a state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control tower and
a newly extended runway. Adding just 400 metres to the previous length means departing aircraft can now
fly further, bringing new long-haul destinations within direct range for the first time, including the Far East,
the West Coast of the U.S, South America and South Africa

Monday 22 September 2014


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